A Lovely Wahiba Desert


A Lovely Wahiba Desert

Hello sweethearts, I want to share the topographical variety of Oman can be overwhelming. Let’s stalk more!


I found myself in the middle of the gulf of Oman desert, experiencing the Wahiba sand lifestyle. An exhilarating dune drive across the desert. The desert has never ceased to amaze me by the vasness and austerity of the panorama and yet the raw beauty is reminiscent of the “Viper Rose of Arabia” days.


I realized that, despite these remote and romantic experiences, the country is a very progressive gulf state and it’s capital city is quite chic.


Location: Wahiba Sand , Oman | Photo: @bashar.albalushi | Makeup: @makeup_by_nawras_ | Kaftan: @bthainaoman
Special thanks to @yaminalbalushi

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