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Hi sweethearts, this is one of beautiful day for me to be working with cosmetic product from Indonesia, Flair Makeup. Who's doesn't want to look pretty in a short time? Flair Makeup is one of the pioneers of innovation to launch airbrush makeup. So dear, let's take a look behind the scenes our Flair Makeup photoshoot!

Hi lovers, I want to tell you why I love London. Like most Londoners, I reveal in all familiar landmarks, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the murky Thames, the London Eye. Start exploring London with my professional photographer, Milaneyes in another vibes. Making a good use of my friend's balcony is my favorite thing to do in London.

Hi Sweethearts, I had a wonderful time being a model for Marc Hayden. He is freelance photographer from London. Who was published some fashion photoshoot for C-heads, Last Daze, OK! Magazine, The Daily Star, The Evening Standard, VOGUE Italia, HUF, and many more. We did some looks, yes hope you enjoy!

Hi dear! Kamu pasti sudah kenal dengan fashion blogger yang satu ini. Gayanya kalem, outfit yang sederhana namun tetap berkelas dan classy. Dia sangat terkenal dengan tampilan vintage style yang menjadi ciri khasnya. Yep, Claradevi! I have a good news untuk kalian yang menyukai gaya berpakaian Claradevi di Instagram. Kali ini Clara dan aku akan melakukan sebuah challange yaitu saling bertukar pose saat foto yang akan dinilai langsung oleh 3 tim Avenu.

Hi dearest, i want to say thank you all for making a white shirt look so effortlessly alluring. Such an honour to be in this project with duo superboy, Ditho and Felix from Fostivevisual. So dear, don't forget to like, subscribe (if you haven't), and comment down below. Tell me what you think! Hope you like it!