Body Goals Treatment


Body Goals Treatment

Hi sweethearts, I love to share my experiences to reach body goals with always have been a healthy eater, a fitness and wellness enthusiast. However there are things in my body that won’t improve no matter how hard I exercise and watch my diet. Therefore I live by these non invasive treatments that enable me to achieve my body goals. I believe that maintenance is more crusial and safety is priority. I only do things that are proven safe and FDA approved. Get ready to look thinner without any surgery!



The machine name is VanquishME. VanquishME is innovative non-invasive technology using Selective RF to permanently reduce stubborn fat.



Reshape my body, freeze my fat away, remove fat permanently only one session around 35 minutes. No surgery and without downtime. The key benefits of Coolsculpting are permanent fat reduction, safe (FDA approved) with each treatment, fat will permanently reduce by 25%-30%. Blink Beauty recommend their Award Winning premium device Coolsculpting which uses freezing technology (developed by Harvard Medical scientists) to permanently get rid of my fat. Blink Beauty is one of the only clinic in Indonesia with the newest Coolsculpting applicator “Cool Advantage” only 35 minutes, better than results and more comfort. Coolsculpting is an alternative to liposuction but safer and without down-time.

X-Wave or Cellutone


The name of the machine in the photo is X-Wave which uses acoustic waves to breakdown fatty deposits. Not only X-Wave, I have Exilis Elite is the most powerful combo for instant slimming results in one treatment. Blink Beauty promise instant results for me looking for instant slimming and skin tightening treatments which are FDA approved, no pain, no down-time then their bring me the lastest innovative treatments I will fall in love with. When combined the results are unbeatable proving immediate inch-loss, fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.



Sculpsure is the only FDA-approved laser treatment for fat reduction. Its 1060nm wavelength will absorp to your dermis perfectly, making Sculpsure efficiently able to treat my body area that is filled with fat. One session of Sculpsure just takes 25 minutes and after 6 weeks, my body will naturally eliminate the troublesome fat cells. It just 25 minutes away to drop my body size! Check out how Sculpsure had destroyed up to 24% of fat cells and changed people’s lives only at Jade Aesthetic ID! Care for your hair, skin, and face with safe and quick procedures!

Dream Waist Shaper


When I’m confident with myself, everything about me becomes more sexier. I always wearing Dream Waist Shaper, stomach slimming girdle designed and manufactured in Colombia using premium quality ingredients. Dream Waist Shaper a stomach slimming corset with the same qualities as those used by celebrities in Hollywood, such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Lindsay Lohan and many more. The functions of Dream Waist Shaper are waist slim instant, reduce appetite, improve your posture, relieve low back pain, instant push-up on the breast, accelerate postoperative recovery (scoliosis), minimize waist circumference with min usage 6 hours a day and accelerate recovery and shrinkage of the uterus postpartum.

Special thanks to: @blinkbeautyjkt , and  @dreamwaistshaper

Getting the extra help at @blinkbeautyjkt. There are things that cannot be accomplished with exercise and healthy eating alone. Tried this Fire and Ice treatment that starts with VanquishMe, Coolsculpting, and X-Wave to eliminate stubborn fat in a specific area. Result will be seen next week when I am enjoying the summer at the beach. Get rid of the fats and tone my body safely, in just 25 minutes with Sculpsure at After holiday, attempting to get back in shape with @dreamwaistshaper.

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