Photoshoot with Claudia Dian


Photoshoot with Claudia Dian

Hi sweetheart, doing a photo session being a model that is required to do a lot of poses isn’t an easy matter. Where I have to animate the role of being a feminine and fierce woman at one time.


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None is happier when you feel beautiful, when awake. Claudia Dian is photograher who loves soulful colors but tells stories better in monochrome was visualizes “I woke up like this” in a different way. Activities in the bathroom was very fun! Elenor Ferrari who is a fashion stylist also knows very well make a session “Girl thing” which always takes a lot of time in the bathroom feels so much fun.


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My hair that previously looked messy but still gorgeous, and now looks more sleek and neat result of cold hands Eva Pical a hairstylist reliable. Not only hair, makeup was changed to more smokey by Ranggi Pratiwi. Not only a photo session but also a videoshoot session. Are you curious about the result? Stay tuned in my youtube channel!

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Makeup @ranggibeautyartisan | Hair do @picaleva | Stylist @eleanorferrari | Photographer @claudianrh

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